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Did you know research shows that Employers/Recruiter do not spend more than 40 seconds looking at a CV? In fact,some roles receive so many applications that recruiters spend less than 30 seconds looking at each,CV making every single sentence count.Your CV is your sales tool that makes YOU stand out in the crowd.

  • Detailed analysis of your CV, looking for appropriate content and style
  • Details of any spelling errors / grammatical Error's
  • Professional opinion of the appearance and overall layout of your CV
  • Content, Structure & Style Suggestions
  • We want to help you get the job - and the future - that you want.Help you to sell your talents. Don’t lose out because of the presentation of your CV.

    It will be sent to one of our Consultants. When they have reviewed it, you will receive a detailed document on how you can improve your CV.

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