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CV Tips for IT Professionals

If you’re looking to land a new job, you need a quality Resume that will impress employers, Recruiter, End Clients. From formatting and style to content and language, it’s crucial that every element of your CV is flawless. .

Some reports say a recruiter looks about 350 CVs to generate 70 phone calls, to get 40 conversations, to put forward 10 CVs, to gain three interviews, to finally place one candidate.

The CV is the First gateway for your next contract. You need to have a Quality and professional, well balanced and customized/ tailored CV even to get a call from a recruiter. Getting that first call and shortlisting your CV with other thousands of CVs is the first hurdle. So, how do you do it? Below are the key points:

CV format

Contractor CV should be structured to the following format

  • Profile Summary
  • Experience Summary
  • Employment Records
  • Qualification
  • Certification - if Any
  • Achievements - If Any
  • Technical Skills
  • Project Experience/Summary
  • Project Summary Should be in Below Format.

    -Project Name : Value Moment

    -Organization : C2H.TECH

    -Client : Odesk

    -Role : Technical Lead

    -Technology : Java,J2EE,Spring,Hibernate

    -Domain : Banking

    -Team Size : 10

    -Duration : July 2017 to March 2018

  • Personal Details
  • ** Don't mention PAN CARD / Passport Number anywhere in CV. **

Show you are a driver NOT a passenger

Employers hire contractors to drive projects and look for problem solvers who can express the delivery of their projects. Problem-solving skills and experience, give 5-7 short examples and scenarios.

Give your priority for experience, not qualifications. Employers look for experienced contractors and they don’t care if you have three masters and a Ph.D. or a portfolio of certifications. They need experience people who can deliver tasks quickly and efficiently.


Is it all about Keywords, Keywords and more Keywords? The answer is yes, but only the RELEVANT keywords you have skilled and experienced.

Make sure you have relevant Keywords in your CV (related to the job advertisement). Some agencies or companies use certain software applications to scan keywords to select your CV. They will certainly do a “control F”. Make sure you don’t save your CV in non-searchable formats and don’t include any tables or pictures.

Final thoughts

When writing the CV, check spelling, check grammar and use a common font such as Arial, Times, Calibri and keep it continuous throughout. Steer away from including a photo of yourself in the CV.

The objective of the contracting is hiring people who can hit the ground running from the first day. They are not going to pay you a higher rate if you don’t have the relevant experience and skills. It’s all about the what you can do for the client and not the other way around. Good Luck!

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