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Interview Process

Contract interview is generally a one stage or maximum 2 stage process (1 x Telephone interview + 1 x Face to Face interview). Permanent interviews can take weeks, sometimes months and can take up to 3 months to land a job and sometime Companies may hold your profile, untill unless they get a project for you. Contracting is all about hitting the ground running from day one whereas with permanent jobs have many Interview stages and longtime taking process

Make sure you prepare for the interview very clear. Do the research about the role, what you can bring into the organisation etc… All your interviews will focus on whether you can hit the ground running from the first day. You need to strategies yourself more towards a problem solver. They also look for your experience in different situations and for specialized skills.

Interview Techniques

  • Contractors are hired to solve problems so make sure you demonstrate an appreciation of their problems and needs.
  • Explain how you going to resolve their issues (just a few high-level explanations)
  • Demonstrate that you have dealt with these types of issues/ problems in your previous roles. Give some examples and scenarios. (Use the STAR - Situation, Task, Action, Result methodology)
  • Show your passion and motivation for the role. Explain how you going to fill their gap.
  • Remember to keep your wording friendly, approachable and easy to understand.

DO's During the Contractor Interview

  • Prepare, Prepare and Prepare for the interview.
  • Practice what you are going to say,Show your passion, hungriness and enthusiasm
  • The more interviews you attend more experience you going to get.
  • Arrive about 15 Minute early (dial 10 minute's before the interview).
  • Show a presentation or one of your past Project's and Skills,Research about the organisation and role.
  • Read the job spec,Ask recruiter to send the complete JD
  • If you going to be late, call the reception and pass a message to the interviewer.
  • Use Real world scenarios answering questions,Smile and be polite
  • Read and memorise your CV,Be genuine and cool.

DON'T s during the Contractor Interview

  • Do not ask about the rate as this is between you and the agency (unless it is a direct contract with the employer)
  • Do not bad mouth previous managers and companies
  • Do not give too short or irrelevant answers.
  • Do not interrupt your interviewer.​
  • Do not show your desperation for the interview.
  • Do not be the “yes” guy for their all problems and questions.

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